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ingeniere Barbuti Ottorino

Mr. Ottorino Barbuti, an engineer in electronics, began his activity in 1956 in Lissone, in the heart of Brianza. He established the company Elettronica Industriale Ing. Ottorino Barbuti.


He developed the design of black and white television sets at thermoionics tubes as well as amplifiers for the centralized systems of the distribution of the UHF/VHF signal relative to the receiving antennas.

In 1957 he started to produce small repeaters for the private development of the reception of the first italian TV network and of the unique foreign TV stations broadcasting in the italian language: TV SVIZZERA ITALIANA and MONTECARLO.

In 1969 he built the smallest transistorized television camera on the market. Combined with a small monitor, this was the first system at closed circuit for domestic or industrial use (CCTV) in Italy. It was called 'MINIGUARD'.

In the same period of 'Miniguard' he was the first one in the world to launch on the market the VIDEO ENTRY PHONE for big apartments buildings with the brand 'Elettronica Industriale' 

Thanks to these experiences and to the introduction of the electroluminiscent diodes at Gallium Arsenide he built different miniaturized sensors and actuators at codified infrared rays, working for reflection of the target object (scanners) or incorporated into the various water "no touch" faucets opening "hot-cold" above all for hospital use

In 1986 he one-man business was split into two companies: Elettronica Industriale Ing Ottorino Barbuti and srl.

The former become involved in the production of solar panels and didactic benches for promoting the use of solar energy,above all the electronic calorimeters and absorption meters for measuring heat consumption in apartement buildings in unity delta- grades- days.

The latter Company became involved in the production of IMMATERIAL BARRIERS for accident protection on dangerous machines at infrared bundles of rays; first at codified syncronous parallel beams and finally at crossed selfsynchrone rays for a higher protection of hands and fingers.

He invented the calibration system based on the adjustment of the irradiated power of the transmitter on the trigger threshold limit of the receiver, the calibration is carried out manually or automatically ("Automatic Threshold Trigger" ® ) ststem patented in 1991 together with 6 innovative details which are all patented.  

In the following years he increased the production of infrared immaterial lightguards and gained a substantial impulse in 1996 concerning work safety after the receipt of the European Directives "Machines" regarding the working safety.

Together with his technical staff he collaborated as an effective member of the different European Working Groups of the European Technical Committee CT44 (Machinery Safety) to the drawing up of the (European Standards) promoted by the EC Commission for the conformity with the requirements of the European directives.

The number of safety light-curtains built through 1995 - 2008 amounted to 50.000 pairs installed and operating with great satisfaction of the users both in Italy and in other European countries.

In 2010 the company EL.IND.CO. S.r.l. became a one-man business company EL.IND.CO by Aliprandi Monica.

The mission started long ago in 1956 from Mr. Eng. Ottorino Barbuti is now going on with the old staff.

Nowadays the customer orientation and the technical know-how make EL.IND.CO. a supplier of solutions for the whole industrial automation field with sofisticated and innovative products (light curtains, presence, counter - inductive sensors, capacity, ultrasonic - vision systems, etc...)

The most of the devices are covered by industrial patent.