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News Safety light curtains

May 2015
New Light Curtains model LC3 PXXX

barriera LC3 PXXX

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Housing IP69K
Certification TUV

custodia ip69k

LED lighting on the machine



barriera di sicurezza

Immaterial barriers at infrared bundles of rays

The photo-electrical barriers, otherwise called electrosensitive protection devices (ESPE), consist in a system for the control by infrared rays studied in application of the European Directives "Machines" in order to prevent accidents occuring to the operator.
When the operator, during his work, introduces parts of his body (finger, hand, arm, legs, body) in the zone protected by the ESPE device and goes over the bundle of rays created from it, he immediately causes the stop of the dangerous moving parts of the machine.
ESPE is therefore an efficient safety device.

PATENTED SYSTEM EL.IND.CO. N° MI91A03028 - N° MI2011A001953

In addition to the "parallel rays" curtain the barriers are using the particular system EL.IND.CO. of the "crossed self-synchrone rays" which increases the measurement capacity also called resolution. This gives a higher safety to the operator.
A further advantage of the "crossed self-synchrone rays" curtain consist in acting as interceptor at the passage of flat and very thin objects (plate, paper, clothes, etc.) which otherwise would pass unobserved in the space between two parallel rays.
The exclusive system of manual calibration EL.IND.CO. allows an easier and faster adjustment of the bundles of rays between the transmitter TX and the receiver RX without using laser markers and avoiding false alarms often caused by vibrations.


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