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The "FAN SYSTEM" is the main principle of these light curtains for the manufacturing of electrosensitive immaterial footboards and mats.
We can manufacture many elementary or more difficult configurations such as anti-sickness footboards placed in "self-service" area, surveillance areas etc...
There is one point only of irradiation which illuminates a series of sensors which are counterposed and are placed inside a metallic drawn with slots on one side and it is protected by a filter for infrared.

The interruption of even one ray makes the RX detector trip that detects the intrusion.
Anti-sickness footboards : they are used frequently in the banks where the "self service" room is out of the direct officers and attendants sight. The presence of people even in case of sickness or of forgotten or lost objects or of objects intentionally or unlawfully introduced keeps the system in constant alarm. The footboards can be paired with different presence weapons signallers in the revolving doors or in surveilled areas (SEL300). This solution allows the detection of great floor surfaces with a perimeter with any conformation (on customer demand ).
Electrosensitive footboards or immaterial mats : with the introduction of the laws concerning the safety in the working places the sensitive footboards must be of "positive safety". It means that the presence of a person on a foatboard must be signalled through the contacts opening which should be normally closed.
At the same time the rays of a footboards allow the working but they signal the alarm even when one of them is interrupted or in case of interruption of the power supply, or in case of failures of the light curtains components.

Applications: Protection works of art, there people, objects, etc...
This type of platforms is realized with light curtains model FOX.

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