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TXMONO + Receiver

barriera a ventaglio

is the main design principle of these light curtains for immaterial electrosensitive mats or footboards manufacturing...
Many simpler or more difficult configurations such as antisickness mats for "self-service" or surveillance areas etc ...

Transmitter + Receiver

barriera protezione opere d'arte

By this system we manufacture immaterial electrosensitive footboards and mats both in elementary and more difficult solutions for example asymmetric and on customer demand
Electrosensitive immaterial footboards or mats : the footboards must be of " Positive Safety type". It means that the presence of a person on a footboard must be detected by the opening of the contacts...


ventaglio monoraggio
  • Resolution 80 - 160 - 240 mm
  • Protected Height HP 240 ÷ 1920 mm
  • Range HP ÷ 30meters
  • 2 Switches Output - ON/OFF
  • Housing 22x36 mm