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Scanner at active infrared rays SEL300

sensorea riflessione
  • SEL 300 is a sensor at active infrared rays used for the following purposes: as a detector in the banks entries,as a signaller of busy parking on synoptic table, against intrusion- people detection in a static way, objects removal...
  • Main features :
  • Power supply 12Vdc
  • Output : optoinsulated static switch 1Adc/ac @ 40Vdc/ac max with open contact in case of an obstacle presence.
  • Signalling LED of the logic state of the command output ( off in case of an obstacle presence)
  • Ranges :
    3 meters target with a human shape of grey standard colour.
    5 meters target with a silver coloured mirror A4 size
    12 meters from a retroreflector,diameter 8 centimeters
  • Output connections through flying conductors
  • Fixing at sight or inside a standard box for wall enclosing (SEL 300M) optional
  • Working : out of reflection
  • Delivery within 3 days from the order.
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